Since typedesign and typography can be learned by doing and seeing rather than by reading about it our lectures are visually orientated.

Both Wim and Luc lecture about type and typography at regular intervals. Luc(as) is half-time professor at the Fachhochschule in Potsdam, where he teaches type developement. In this light, Luc(as) is collecting a series of see-exercises.

At the FUSE 94 conference in London, Luc(as) had the one-time-opportunity to call his lecture "Thesis, Jesus and Porno".

One of the more intensive eperiences were the lectures with our friends at Paragraph in Moskow. Having made one cyrillic typeface is definitely not enough to understand anything of the language.

In the Austrian village Dornbirn, Luc(as) spent an intensive week with a group of students. Amazing what one can learn in only 5 days. Students made their own typefaces, not just the funky stuff, but also real, well spaced small caps and old style figures.

Luc(as) teaches in Potsdam. From 5-7 June 1998 the Forum Typography was held at the Fachhochschule Potsdam. The theme of the 15th forum was Macht/Spiele.

A wonderful partynight: "power games" of the night.
DJ-Line-Up: Rinomat 2000, Memphistomoronic, Shah ...,
Sexy-Typo-Videos, Gogo-Dancers and Space food.
Two stages, inside and outside dancing deep into the night, until the police forced the music to stop.